Club Points

This page contains the updated Club Points for 2017-2018 competitive season.

*Question about how points are calculated? See this clarification document or contact the volunteer webmaster, who can put you in touch with the analytics volunteer who calculates them.

Club Rank by Points
Epeeclub points
1Olympic Fencers Club6375
2iMasters Academy4636
3Dunwoody Fencing Club2322
4Eagle Fencing Club1756
5Georgia Fencing Academy1299
6Atlanta Fencers' Club1143
7Premier Fencing Alliance695
8University of Georgia Fencing Club197
9Georgia Tech University Yellow Jacket Fencing Club126
10Joyeuse Fencing Club107
11Augusta Fencers Club16
Foilclub points
1Athletic Club Northeast823
2Eagle Fencing Club786
3Olympic Fencers Club559
4Atlanta Fencers' Club426
5Augusta Fencers Club163
6Georgia Fencing Academy7
Saberclub points
1Nellya Fencers3721
2Athens Fencing Club1061
3Arsenal Fencing Club681
4Premier Fencing Alliance441
5Georgia Tech University Yellow Jacket Fencing Club227
6University of Georgia Fencing Club148
7Augusta Fencers Club26
Totalclub points
1Olympic Fencers Club6934
2iMasters Academy4636
3Nellya Fencers3721
4Eagle Fencing Club2542
5Dunwoody Fencing Club2322
6Atlanta Fencers' Club1568
7Georgia Fencing Academy1307
8Premier Fencing Alliance1136
9Athens Fencing Club1061
10Athletic Club Northeast823
11Arsenal Fencing Club681
12Georgia Tech University Yellow Jacket Fencing Club353
13University of Georgia Fencing Club345
14Augusta Fencers Club205
15Joyeuse Fencing Club107


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Points Update

The Georgia Division point standings have been updated through December 9, 2017.

2017-2018 Schedule

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Reminder: Competitive Membership Renewal

To participate in USFA-sanctioned events (for ratings), competitors must renew their Competitive USFA Membership. This includes high-school and collegiate fencers.

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Reminder: Club Memberships

Similar to competitors, all Georgia division clubs must renew their USFA Club Memberships prior to holding any USFA-sanctioned events.

2017-2018 Update

Please remember, if you want to be included on the 2017-2018 Georgia Division points lists, you must have the "Georgia Division" listed on your USFA account. Be sure to designate your club and your division as you renew for next year.